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Mid/Frail Care

What are the different services offered?

All frail care facilities are registered with the Departments of Health & Social Development, and are inspected by this department to ensure that standards are complied with and adhered to.

Each frail care is supervised by a qualified and experienced professional nurse, who together with her team of trained, committed and caring staff who have a calling to care for the aged, will go out of their way to do what is best for those placed in their care.

MHA residents at villages without a frail care facility are given preference above non-residents to accommodation when mid or frail care accommodation is required.

Specialised diets will be provided for if required. The taking of prescribed medication will be supervised. All residents and their families therefore have peace of mind.
Eight of our homes offer at least one or more of the following:

Mid Care

The provision of individual, safe accommodation for elderly persons, who due to increasing debility or frailty, are no longer able to live independently and require supervision, assistance and care in performing the activities of daily living.

Frail Care

The provision of accommodation and continuous 24 hour care for frail or debilitated residents who are no longer able to care for their person and/or interests. Skilled, specialised, continuous care is provided and supervised by qualified, professional nursing staff to promote and maintain the physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being of residents.

Sick Bay

This provides short stay accommodation to assist a person who has:

  • Been discharged from hospital but is not yet able to cope on his/her own;
  • Been taken ill, but is not serious enough to be hospitalised.

All the services of the frail care will be provided.

Prim Villa

Prim Villa is a home that specialises in the care of persons with dementia and will assist and support the person and the family in caring for a person with any form of dementia.

What are the visiting hours?
There are no set visiting hours. Relatives and friends of residents are encouraged to visit as often as possible at their convenience.

May I bring my personal belongings with me?
Each home attempts to make the setting as personal as possible, and you will probably be encouraged to bring your own bed and furniture, some personal mementos, a TV and radio. The Matrons will be able to advise you on what is appropriate in the circumstances. All residents are requested not to bring any valuables, in particular jewellery and watches as we do not take responsibility for any losses or damages to such property.

Will there be social activities to participate in?
All residents are encouraged to remain involved for as long as possible. This will include contact with fellow residents, attending entertainment, partaking in arranged activities for stimulation, fellowship at church services, and the like.

Why is Frail Care an option to consider?
Deciding to admit a relative or friend to frail care is very difficult, but it should be made easier, knowing that the resident will be receiving total care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from individuals who really care for their residents. This means peace of mind, which is worth a lot more than the monthly tariff. Communication between all the interested parties is vital to ensure happy and contented residents. Therefore, families are encouraged to get to know the members of the team who care for their loved ones, and to immediately bring any concerns to the attention of management so that these can be speedily addressed.

Why is Mid and Frail Care so expensive?
The services may at first sight appear to be expensive, but frail cares provide one of the most cost effective ways of accommodating persons who are no longer able to look after themselves. The major components of tariffs are salaries for personnel required 24 hours per day, 365 days a year, food and laundry costs. Generally speaking, medical schemes do not provide a frail care benefit. Methodist Homes aims to always provide a quality service at a reasonable price.
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